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Convention on the Rights of the Child

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LGBT rights in Australia

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Getting the Evidence: Asia Child Marriage Initiative: Summary Report

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Child marriage

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Asia Child Marriage Initiative: Summary of Research in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal January 1, United Nations Resolution 66/ International Day of the Girl Child March 30, Getting the Evidence: Asia Child Marriage Initiative: Summary Report Home / Publications / Getting the Evidence: Asia Child Marriage Initiative: Summary Report Elizabeth Yarrow, Kara Apland, Kirsten Anderson and Professor Carolyn Hamilton.

ICRW | PASSION. PROOF. POWER. Publications. Asia Child Marriage Initiative: summary of research findings in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Asia Child Marriage Initiative: summary of research findings in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Adolescents and Youth, Child Marriage.

Asia Child Marriage Initiative: Summary of Research in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Child marriage rates in South Asia are the second-highest in the world, behind only West Africa. In terms of numbers, one-half of all girls affected by child marriage reside in South Asia.

Plan’s Asia Child Marriage. Getting the evidence: Asia Child Marriage Initiative Summary Report Organisation: Plan International, Coram International Year: Plan International and Coram Children’s Legal Centre undertook research into the root causes of child marriage in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia.

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Asia child marriage initiative summary of
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