Automobile industry in india

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Changing auto industry landscape: Will India miss or catch the bus?

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Welcome To Raga Engineers. Raga Engineers part of Raga Group is headquartered in Faridabad, 20 miles south of New Delhi, India. It is a renowned name for manufacture and supply of products, systems and technologies for the die casting industry.

Automobile industry Provides employment to 13 million people in the India Work-class. The automobiles sector is divided into four segments - two-wheelers, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and three wheelers. The Indian auto industry became the 4th largest in the world with sales increasing per cent year-on-year to million units (excluding two wheelers) in It was the 7th largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in The Automobile Industry contributes around % to India’s GDP by volume.

India poised to be the third largest automotive market in the world by India is also the fourth largest producer in the world with an annual production of 25 million vehicles in and is the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, three-wheelers and tractors.

Automobile industry in india
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