Davaos anti smoking

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A man of many names: Davao’s controversial, colorful Mayor Duterte

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Davao’s new smoking ordinance prohibits e-cigars, shisha

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This, as the Department of Health (DOH) disclosed that former Davao City mayor and now President Rodrigo Duterte is already set to sign an executive order (EO) that will implement a no smoking policy nationwide.

This ordinance comes after the city’s Anti-Smoking Task Force finds no study has come out that assures such new cigarettes are safe to the public.

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By JOHN RIZLE L. SALIGUMBA Davao Today. Davao City, Philippines — The city council passed a new ordinance that also prohibits the use of electronic-cigarettes and Shisha (water-pipes).

A Social Intervention – Anti-smoking Smoking is a habit, which is widely observed throughout the world. This phenomenon is noticeable in every country, region, culture and religious orientation and social classes.

Both genders smoke so as almost every age. As stated on the EO4, the fines for those caught violating the anti-smoking ordinance would pay P1, or one-month imprisonment for the first offense, P2, or two-months imprisonment for the second offense, and P5, or four months imprisonment for the third and subsequent offences.

Anti-smoking advocates should also bear in mind that smoking is a personal choice; the same goes true for stopping it. One advertisement or campaign cannot force a smoker to stop if he is not willing. This ordinance comes after the city’s Anti-Smoking Task Force finds no study has come out that assures such new cigarettes are safe to the public.

Davaos anti smoking
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