Good work goes unrewarded

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Definition of unrewarded in English: ‘And while such diligent pursuit of knowledge usually goes unremarked and unrewarded, next week the world's barmy boffins get their moment of glory.’ ‘County continued to dominate and could have added a third when good work by Shephard went unrewarded as Davis mishit his shot.’.

Hard Work Never Goes Unrewarded.


Running head: GOOD WORK GOES UNREWARDED What should have the team done before accepting Jones’ new projects? Did the team have motive to jeopardize these high profile projects? What do you think of Jones’ inability to highlight her employees’ meritorious work?Abstract Iris Jones.

Housework is not work. Sex work is not work. Emotional work is not work. Why? Because they don’t take effort? No, because women are supposed to provide them uncompensated, out of the goodness of. We all want to impress our boss. It’s kind of in our genes to try to please the person in authority in our life.

We’d like our boss to like us and to consider us when special opportunities or promotions come up.

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Of course, it’s not just your winning personality that’s going to get you that consideration. The promise of a four hour workweek magically righting all wrongs in your life, is a lie. Not only is it highly implausible, but if you ever do achieve a four hour work week, you’ll probably want to get rid of it.

Good work goes unrewarded
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