Qualities of a good employee

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Characteristics of a Good Employee

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The Qualities of a Good Employee.

20 Top Qualities that Determine a Great Employee

Ads By Google. What are the characteristics of a good employee? As an employer, you have to recognize the qualities of your good employees as they are an asset to any organization. It is always a challenge to retain those good employees. You also want to hire those with the best attributes, people who have the.

Ambitious Employees. If you're thinking about the qualities of a good employee, ambition should always be near the top of the list. Good employees are ambitious and won't just stand around waiting for something to happen.

Apr 02,  · Regardless of industry, pay, age or sex, all ideal employees share some common traits. These include, but are not limited to individuals who can be described as or possess the following: 1.

20 qualities of a great employee Here we discuss 20 qualities to look for whatever the age or sex of the candidate, the industry you’re in or the expected pay. 1.

To better understand the common qualities of a good employee that the average employer is looking for, CareerBuilder conducted a study with Harris Poll last year. They surveyed over 2, hiring managers and HR professionals on the subject of soft skills–those less tangible characteristics related more to personality than ability.

In this e-era, employees expect that they will be able to occasionally work where, and even when, they want.

The 9-to-5 age is dead. Offering flex-time, allowing people to make schedules that work for them, and being supportive of those choices is an easy and affordable way to attract great employees.

Qualities of a good employee
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