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The first anime ties him more The Pollyanna and far more delusionally shallow than manga!. Lauren Slater’s “Opening Skinner’s Box” is an insightful recounting of the ten most influential psychological experiments of the twentieth century. From B.F. Skinner to Harry Harlow, Slater outlines all the most important experiments, leaving out extraneous details but adding enough that it is still an enjoyable read/5.

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If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. By Betty Christiansen. At first glance, Gwendolyn and I have little in common.

She’s in her twenties; I’m in my forties.

B. F. Skinner

I have a house; she has an efficiency apartment with a shared bath. Opening Skinner's Box: Lauren Slater gives the impression that she is an investigator trying to solve the mystery of B.F. Skinner and his daughter whom people say had committed suicide.

Slater has a way of putting Skinner on this sort of a pedestal that only a worthy man of great intelligence can reside.

Opening Skinner's Box: Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century

Rat Park, a study into drug. Complete summary of Lauren Slater's Opening Skinner's Box. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Opening Skinner's Box. Read Book Review: Opening Skinner's Box by Lauren Slater.

Beginning with B. F. Skinner and the legend of a child raised in a box, Slater takes us from a deep em.

Review of lauren slater s article rat
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