Role of women in cinema

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Gender Inequality in Film

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35 women who changed the history of cinema: in pictures

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Women's cinema

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Women in Indian Cinema

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The study examines the "Portrayal of women in Hindi cinema and its effect on college going girl students with special reference to eight women oriented films released during the year ". Women in film describes the role of women as film directors, actresses, cinematographers, film producers, film critics, and other film industry professions.

The work of women film scholars, including feminist film theorists is also described. Has it really changed or is it still secondary? A much talked about Vidya Balan is said to have changed the way women are portrayed in Indian cinema; with her roles in films like The Dirty Picture and Kahaani,both Vidya Balan and her female protagonist have been credited with carrying the film on their sole shoulders.

In both the stories you see a. The role of women in film: Supporting the men --An analysis of how culture influences the changing Inwomen comprised less than a third of speaking parts in the top grossing domestic films, Commercial 2films and counter-cinema alike.

Pandolin takes a look at the changing role of women in Hindi cinema, both in front of and behind the camera, and how they have made a mark for themselves. Murphy, Jocelyn Nichole, "The role of women in film: Supporting the men -- An analysis of how culture influences the changing discourse on gender representations in film" ().

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Role of women in cinema
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