Safe patient handling

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Safe Patient Handling

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Handle with Care

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Safe Patient Handling (SPH): Framework of processes that enable caregivers to lift, transfer, reposition and move patients in a way that does not cause strain or injury to either the patient or the caregiver.

Standing and raising aids

Safe patient handling refers to policies and programs that enable health care workers to move patients and clients in a way that does not cause strain or injury.

The American Association for Safe Patient Handling and Movement (AASPHM) has developed the Healthcare Recipient Sling and Lift Hanger Bar Compatibility Guidelines in order to provide information and recommendations about the compatibility of healthcare recipient slings and lift hanger bars.

Patient Handling

type and quantity of safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) technology are available on each unit and that sufficient storage is allocated for this equipment.

However, to ensure appropriate equipment decisions are made, direct patient care. At least half of the members of the safe patient handling committee shall be frontline nonmanagerial employees who provide direct care to patients unless doing so will adversely affect patient care.

(3) By December 1,each hospital must establish a safe patient handling program. The case for safe patient handling. Read about how safe patient handling programs, policies, and equipment protect workers, save money, and improve patient care.

Safe patient handling
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The Importance of Safe Patient Handling