Ultimatum game

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The Stupid Test: Ultimatum

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The tendency to refuse small offers may also be seen as. Ultimatum was a Quebec quiz show, broadcast from to on the TVA network. Its visual style and lighting were largely inspired by the success of the British show Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Ultimatum game

The rules of the contest are, however, different. Synopsis and basic rules Standard game. The game was played with five contestants, including a. Play stick RPG and Strategy Games online! Plan your strategy and lead your sticks to victory!

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Use the HTML below. The ultimatum game was first introduced to the literature by Güth, Schmittberger, and Schwarze []. It is a one-shot two-stage sequential bargaining game. It is often used to illustrate the backward induction method of solving for a subgame perfect Nash equilibrium for monetary payoff maximizing players.

Ultimatum game
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